Friday, February 25, 2011

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
I am so overwhelmed with excitement being in Africa for the first time. I feel like i'm here representing all my family, musicians and friends that haven't been to Africa yet and its a pleasure to do so. 
 If you don't know by now the main reason i'm here is to be apart of a couple of songs that will be for a documentary on Maternal Health working with founders Lisa Russell and Maya Azucena. They are using local and international artist to bring awareness and resources to pregnant women in Tanzania and if things go as planned they will be doing this kind of work all over the world. 
I got the chance to record and perform with local artist like Mzungu Kichaa (Bongo Flava), Fid Q(the most dangerous MC on the planet), Lady Jay Dee (Singer), Mpoto I. Mrisho(Poet), and Ambros a.k.a. Dunga(producer) and Charlottel O'neil (singer,poet). I performed on February 9th in Dar es Salaam at Club Trinity with all the artist I mentioned above except for Lady Jay Dee, and it was a great feeling to get the response I did from the audience. I was so excited, that I couldn’t go to sleep that night plus I still can’t get over the jet lag although I’v been here for more than a week already. I will be going to different parts of Tanzania and will keep you posted on the different places I visit. Stay tuned to the next episode.

click here to see local and international articles on the work we did calaborating with UNFPA and on bringing awareness to maternal health. Peace and Blessings. Hotep.