Wednesday, May 18, 2011

There are some dope musicians in New York

Whats good my peoples. The past few months have been very exciting and challenging but its all been a great time collaborating with some of the dopest musicians in my world.

BrownRiceFamily is finishing up the new album and we are currently in the mixing process and the songs are sounding really good. Can't wait to release it and get you guys opinion on the new tunes. Its mixed up with Reggae, HipHop, Samba Brazilian styles, and Rara from Haiti. Keep your ears to the street to hear about the album release party.

Underground Horns has a new CD called "Big Beat". We have been performing a lot in the underground subway style of course and at many venues like Barbes in park slope Brooklyn, Nublu in L.E.S.  Money making Manhattan and private party's and the responses we've been getting from the crowds are amazing and overwhelmingly good. We call our music Gumbo because it is literally mixed with a lot of different styles from Arabian flavor to Salsa to Afro beat to HipHop.

I'm also working on my dream album which I will be drumming, rapping, singing, producing, and collaborating with all my favorite musicians with all kinds of different backgrounds from being German or brazilian or from Africa. This album is strictly dedicated to the ancestors who left a positive influence on mother earth and for them to channel and share there energy with people who are willing to except there help on planet earth because we need it now more than ever. If you are down to collaborate with me please don't hesitate to contact me.

Last night I did a rare intimate performance with my dude Philphy, my girls Denitia, Azizza and Christine and some really dope musicians such as Jason on Sax, Sylvester on flute and many others. I considered this performance rare because I don't usually do shows where i'm playing the drum and either singing or rapping at the same time and i feel so good doing it. When i do both at the same time it feels like i'm connecting with another part of me and when this synchronizes together I get this musical head rush thats just an amazing feeling. All the vocalist took turns doing songs back to back, everyone doing back up vocals for each other. So it was like a cypher with some dope vocalist and musicians. What seems to be happening is that i'm surrounding myself with artist who do more than just play or sing. They do both and probably many more. And thats what i'm trying to do so its cool to be around like minded people who are trying to be special at there craft.

Peace and God bless to all the Conscience minded people and may you maintain the strength and perseverance to make it through all the challenges.