Wednesday, December 26, 2012
I am thankful for all the people that helped me along the way in 2012.

This email is for all the bands, LLC, Non-Profits that helped supported and believed in
me to join there goals and dreams and I was lucky enough to be apart.
Financially and musically you kept me alive and the love is greatly appreciated. I still have a couple of shows coming
up so please check my facebook and website to see whats coming up before the end of the year.

UnderGround Horns playing at Nublu on Dec 28th.

Im playing percussion for African Soul Jam Dec 30th at Iguana

New Years Eve I am collaborating with NegusWorld, HipHopSavesLives for one last event which will
be a fundraiser for Project Haiti. The event will take place at my crib 75 Grand ave 2B.
BYOB  and we are accepting donations at the door. Anyone that is been to one of
our house parties knows how we get down and if you don't know, you need to ask somebody.

January 10th is the start of LLamada A play in which Bomba, Salsa and Reggaeton converge to form a llamada/rally cry against the violence and abuse of women and children.
Im so thankful to be providing the percussion for this wonderful theater play which will run for two weeks at the Brooklyn's Iondale Theater. Londale theater is a church located on S.Oxford and it is
 where slaves from the underground railroad would come thru that basement in Brooklyn(tours are available). Im crazy happy about performing there for the memory of our African ancestors.
We will be collaborating at Cumbe Dance studio Sunday Jan 6th to have a Bomba y Plena dance class with choreographer Milteri Tucker to promote the Bomba style and the play.
For show dates and more info please check:

I look forward to working with all of you again in 13 which will be a big year
for all positive musician and entertainers because of the big shift of consciousness that's happening.
We all have a responsibility to spread the positive energy that is natural for us.

I wrote this classic boom bap Indigenous HipHop song as a gift to all of you who gave me the opportunity to shine with you'll. I look forward to working with people that I
haven't worked with as well. Its from the bottom and top of my heart, mind, body and soul.
Feel free to give it to someone that you are thankful for. I am thankful for the courage that you have gave me and the platform that you provided for me
to do my thing. I can't stress it enough how happy I am to be able to make a living being a musician when the music industry is not the same for Conscious music.
But like I always say WE HEAR THOUGH. 

Okai Musik
I am thankful for
produced by Natural Diggers.
These guys have been giving me beats for years. Im so thankful for them.

Peace and Blessings.