Wednesday, December 26, 2012
I am thankful for all the people that helped me along the way in 2012.

This email is for all the bands, LLC, Non-Profits that helped supported and believed in
me to join there goals and dreams and I was lucky enough to be apart.
Financially and musically you kept me alive and the love is greatly appreciated. I still have a couple of shows coming
up so please check my facebook and website to see whats coming up before the end of the year.

UnderGround Horns playing at Nublu on Dec 28th.

Im playing percussion for African Soul Jam Dec 30th at Iguana

New Years Eve I am collaborating with NegusWorld, HipHopSavesLives for one last event which will
be a fundraiser for Project Haiti. The event will take place at my crib 75 Grand ave 2B.
BYOB  and we are accepting donations at the door. Anyone that is been to one of
our house parties knows how we get down and if you don't know, you need to ask somebody.

January 10th is the start of LLamada A play in which Bomba, Salsa and Reggaeton converge to form a llamada/rally cry against the violence and abuse of women and children.
Im so thankful to be providing the percussion for this wonderful theater play which will run for two weeks at the Brooklyn's Iondale Theater. Londale theater is a church located on S.Oxford and it is
 where slaves from the underground railroad would come thru that basement in Brooklyn(tours are available). Im crazy happy about performing there for the memory of our African ancestors.
We will be collaborating at Cumbe Dance studio Sunday Jan 6th to have a Bomba y Plena dance class with choreographer Milteri Tucker to promote the Bomba style and the play.
For show dates and more info please check:

I look forward to working with all of you again in 13 which will be a big year
for all positive musician and entertainers because of the big shift of consciousness that's happening.
We all have a responsibility to spread the positive energy that is natural for us.

I wrote this classic boom bap Indigenous HipHop song as a gift to all of you who gave me the opportunity to shine with you'll. I look forward to working with people that I
haven't worked with as well. Its from the bottom and top of my heart, mind, body and soul.
Feel free to give it to someone that you are thankful for. I am thankful for the courage that you have gave me and the platform that you provided for me
to do my thing. I can't stress it enough how happy I am to be able to make a living being a musician when the music industry is not the same for Conscious music.
But like I always say WE HEAR THOUGH. 

Okai Musik
I am thankful for
produced by Natural Diggers.
These guys have been giving me beats for years. Im so thankful for them.

Peace and Blessings.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Stalk me on Saturday November 10th in my hometown Brooklyn!!

 *On Saturday November 10th Stalk me!!!!*

Bonjour my family and friends. Saturday there is a lot going on and I would
like to fill you in on this eventful day in my hometown *Brooklyn!!*

Starting at *11:30am-3:30*pm please come to *Dekalb between S.Oxford and
and donate Clothes, or Toys for
people who were affected by Hurricane Sandy. Thank you Madiba for providing
transportation to except
 all the goods that we will be receiving on that day.  The flyer is attached
to this email.

If you didnt know by now  me and Yuichi from BrownRiceFamily *play Drums
for Ms. Patt Hall Afro-Carib dance class*
at Mark Morris building 3 Lafeyette ave, Brooklyn NY, from *3.15pm-5.15pm*.
Come thru and get a good workout and learn some new moves for the soul.

Madd love to *Crown Heights Film Festival *for having BrownRiceFamily at
there closing celebration @FiveMyles.
We will be hitting the stage at *8.30pm*. Dont forget to bring your dancing

*FiveMyles <>*
558 St. John’s Place
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Subway: 2,3,4,5 to Franklin Ave;
S to Botanic Garden/Eastern Parkway

  African Soul Jam after Party at 5spot*
Last but not list for all the late Brooklynites. African Soul Jam which is
a dance party at *5spot on Myrtle and Washington ave*
will be mixing up some Afro-House with me on percussion till 4am. This party is
crazy and I always have a good time. I get there late
and usually after a long day but the music is so good that I always get a
boost of energy to play. But dont believe me, come and see
for yourself. Flyer to this event is attached to email.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

 Brown Rice Family performing at the Crown Heights Film Festival on November 10th 
FiveMyles 558 St. John’s Place. Show time is 8.30pm.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2012 Ultimate Battle Winner’s Concert
Friday, September 7, 2012, 7:00 PM
Tickets: $17.50 Includes complimentary beer or glass of wine; $30 for open beer or wine bar use code "TGSFAMILY" for $5 dollar discount

The 2012 Battle of The Boroughs’ series was one for the records! We began with 524 submissions and narrowed it down to 49 acts with hundreds of artists participating to represent their borough. The incredible diversity of our great city was represented in the varied genres and styles of the performers, in house crowd, and our online audience. In the end, Brooklyn’s own Brown Rice Family prevailed and they were crowned the Ultimate Winner.

Join them in The Greene Space as they perform in celebration of their win in the 2012 Battle of The Boroughs. Brown Rice family will be collaborating with other Battle of the Boroughs participants in celebration of their win at the Ultimate Battle of the Boroughs. They will be performing with Domenica Fossati (Flute) and Peter Patson (Guitar) from Underground System Afrobeat (Brooklyn), Bodoma (Drummer/Singer) from Bodoma Garifuna Cultural Band (Bronx) and Joe Trombino (lead Singer) from The Great Apes (Queens). The band says: “During the Battle of the Boroughs, [Brown Rice Family] discovered many talented musicians with positive energy that we probably wouldn't have met if we hadn't participated, so we decided to collaborate with them at our celebratory event. [Brown Rice Family's] goal is to make a healthy and positive contribution to the arts while continuing to be culturally and musically diverse.”

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

BrownRiceFamily Online Store!!!!! Filled with Goodies!!!

Click here for all things organic BrownRiceFamily online store.
For all who have supported BrownRiceFamily in the past thank you so much cuz without you there is no us. for those who haven;t yet please visit our store filled with goodies like, organic cotton t-shirts, bags, soap and of course our CD. Support independent artist. Thank you in advance.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Battle of the Boroughs"

BrownRiceFamily just won the "Battle of the Boroughs" representing Brooklyn. Thank you for all your support my Kings and Queens, Negus and Nigist.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Okai Musik upcoming events.

BrownRiceFamily  BrownRiceFamily 
All of our past several show have been so energetic and filled with good people. On behalf of BrownRiceFamily
thank you for your support and making these events so exciting. You have become Fam not Fans.   Souljah" Brownricefamily video

Next up BRF March 3rd 92Y Tribeca
Hasan Salaam presents: It Takes A Village (Music Is My Weapon Celebration)
Proceeds for the evening will support the construction of a Fresh Water Well, School, & Medical Facility in Djati Guinea Bissau,
West Africa. Performances by: Red Clay, Okai presents BrownRiceFamily, Kalae All Day, A Band Called Fuse, MC Enigma & Bishop The Eastside Nappyhead
DJ Oja on the wheels. BRF played at this venue on Feb 11th and it was sold out. I suggest you buy your tickets early.

April 27th @ Little Field in Brooklyn, BrownRiceFamily, Manifestation of Benchoumy, Zing Experience and I'm trying to get
Tiga Jean Babtiste on the bill as well. We will be bringing in Negus Johwell's Birthday and the Haitians will be taking over Little Field on this night.

May 5th @ Brooklyn Museum BrownRiceFamily will be playing First Saturday at Brooklyn Museum for a multi-cultural night. Please come thru and celebrate
all the cultures that Brooklyn has to offer. I was born in East Flatbush Brooklyn so its an honor and i'm full of excitement  to be playing this platform. There will
be an after party TBA.

HipHopSavesLives    HipHopSavesLives   HipHopSavesLives.Org
I'm so proud to be apart of this Non-profit which is bringing Indigenous HipHop into the schools.
On the last day of the "Kids Helping Kids" after school program, Chad Harper the founder of HHSL and NegusWorld got Kool Herc the founder of HipHop,
to come in and talk to the Kerc Kids about HipHop and the real reason on how it started.
Please vote for this petition to Honor Kool Herc
for starting this new culture called HipHop.

Kool Herc founded the international phenomenon called hip hop. It was created to foster peace, respect and unity in his neighborhood.
The culture was to serve as an alternative to gang life that plagued his community, the South Bronx.
Hip hop has been misused by corporate greed to sell Products, promote violence and self worthlessness.
We are here to take back the name Hip Hop reinstate its original purpose and honor its founder Kool Herc
That's why I signed a petition to President Barack Obama, which says:
"Honor Kool Herc for starting the international phenomenon hip hop."
Will you sign this petition? Click here:


UnderGround Horns    UnderGround Horns    UnderGround

For my Underground Horns fans we have a lot of gigs coming up.

Feb 21st @ The Bell House in Gowanus, Brooklyn

Feb 24th @ Nublu 62 ave C  NY,NY

March 12th @ at Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn NY

April 12th @ Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn NY

Well thats it for now. See you on the dance floor!!!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Upcoming shows

BrownRiceFamily  March 3rd @ 92Y Tribeca

It Takes A Village (Music Is My Weapon Celebration)
Proceeds for the evening will support the construction of a Fresh Water Well, School, & Medical Facility in Djati Guinea Bissau, West Africa. Performances by: Red Clay, Okai presents BrownRiceFamily, Kalae All Day, A Band Called Fuse, MC Enigma & Bishop The Eastside Nappyhead
DJ Oja on the wheels
Hosted by: Northstar of Division X & La Bruja
Special Guests: Lord Jamar, Lady Luck, Rugged N Raw & more TBA

Friday, February 10, 2012

BrownRiceFamily and 12 other bands got picked to represent Brooklyn in the "Battle of the Boroughs" and BRF was one of the 5 to get picked. Please help us win by voting for us right now.!!!
"SOULJAH" by BrownRiceFamily

Saturday Feb 11th at 92y I will be playing with both BrownRiceFamily and UnderGround Horns. Please bring you dancing shoes.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Okai Musik in New York City!

confirmed for:

January 7th @Cumbe Dance studio Grand opening. Cumbe Dance Studio dedicated to African diaspora dance.

January 18th @ The Rock Shop with my Negus Bennchoumy.

February 11th. 92y Tribeca with UnderGround Horns and Pitch Black.