Brown Rice Family:  Vocalist/Percussionist

Brown Rice Family is today’s freshest world roots band jamming towards global solidarity and organic happiness. Guided by a strong belief that there is a natural flow to life, BRF provides the masses with a distinctively organic World Roots Music, which encompasses Jazz stylings, Afrobeat, Reggae, Rock, Latin rhythms, Hip-hop, and Funk. The band is presently comprised of eight members hailing from all over the world—Japan, Jamaica, Haiti, Nigeria, South Africa and USA. The members’ diverse national backgrounds set the stage for their unique coexistence, their musical creativity and dance.  
In 2012 BRF won the WNYC Battle of the Boroughs out of 542 bands. First we won for Brooklyn then we won for the best band in all the boroughs of NYC. BRF firmly believes in self-improvement and environmental improvement, and so the collective is perpetually seeking out healthier ways of living, grooving, and eating. This belief is not only in our music but it stretches out into the crafting of the band-made “Brown Rice Family soap”. This soap is made of the most natural ingredients available from organic farmers and suppliers. 

UnderGround Horns: Percussionist/Vocalist


Underground Horns is a Brooklyn based brass band playing Afro Funk, Bhangra, New Orleans grooves and beyond. All About Jazz called their 2009 debut record FUNK MONK "kick-ass dance music…that brushes up against psychedelia…with shots of funky brass juice."

In 2010 we recorded our second album BIG BEAT, which was reviewed by Ken Waxman in The New York Jazz Record calling us "an unapologetic party band with brains...with tonal inflections from the Big Easy, central Africa, the Maghreb and the Baltic states."

Underground Horns performed internationally in Egypt and Germany, at the NYC Winter Jazz Festival and shared the bill with Rebirth Brass Band and Big Sam's Funky Nation at Lincoln Center. In the big city they made people dance in subway stations, parks and at their numerous club dates at Nublu, Barbes and Brooklyn Bowl. We also have been playing as a marching band, namely at the NYC Village Halloween Parade. 

Regime Change: Lyricist/Musical Arranger/Producer/Percussionist


Regime Change was a Hip Hop group consisting of three other lyricists.
 We released an album in 2009 called The Int’l Party which had producers and artist featured from every continent except Antarctica.


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