Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Weekend starts today!!!

This weekend starts today for me in NYC. I think it might be my busiest ever!!!

Today Wednesday June 19th; Shooting a commercial for Nike in Willie B at 8pm with Kevin Raczka. Then im going to Red Rooster to join Zing Experience - Official Page. 

THURSDAY June 20th; BrownRiceFamily and 7bites will be donating food and playing music for a Fundraiser party in Willy B. 115 N7th street. Raising money for instruments for JHS 166 George Gershwin junior high in East NY, Brooklyn. 

FRIDAY June 21st; UnderGround Horns will be playing in front of the Brooklyn Public Library at 5pm.
BrownRiceFamily  Make Music New York Putnam Triangle BY,NY 7pm.
UnderGround Horns Nublu midnight show.

SATURDAY June 22nd ; Cumbe: Center for African and Diaspora Dance. BrownRiceFamily and 7bites will be serving food and Pat Hall will be having a Afro-Carib dance class before our performance. Big time fun. Be ready to sweat and have a good time.

SUNDAY June 23rd; @BPM 237 Kent ave is closing down and they ask BRF to perform at there closing.

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