Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I would like to send a special thank you to all family and friends who supported me this year. Tomorrow October 2nd i will be celebrating another fiscal year(Birthday) and without your support my career would not be happening. I know you are all dying to get me a gift but i only want 2 things this year.

1. Buy your ticket for the Carnegie hall show. On November 3rd BrownRiceFamily and Zing Experience will be playing at Carnegie Hall. This event is sponsored by HipHop Saves Lives and NegusWorld who together run an afterschool program called Kids Helping Kids. This program helps kids in underprivileged neighborhoods explore their emotions and energy through writing, rapping, dancing and many more. The Carnegie Hall show is an opportuntity for these kids to showcasee their talents to the world and understand that good positive music still have a platform.

Music and sports helped me through my high school year but today, we live in an era where due to budget cuts, arts programs are the first to go in public schools. Therefore It is important to have and support mentors and programs like Kids Helping Kids for our youths. We need your help in order for this event to be a sold out show!
So pretty please find it in your heart to buy a ticket and come see this kids perform what they have created and watch Zing and BrownRice take it higher!   kids helping kids to carnegie hall- our youth speak!

2.  I would like for all my family and friends to pray for me. It is not an easy road but the movement continues. Peace and blessings.

P.S. Brown Rice Family is performing at Red Rooster in Harlem tomorrow, October 2nd, from 8p-12a. If you are free, come thru and chill with the birthday boy.

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